Fleet Management
Sikorsky is a leader in Fleet Management Technology, supplying information, services, and programs that lower operating support costs, while providing increased operational availability and readiness, focusing on customer satisfaction.
Maintenance Programs
Sikorsky's mission is to deliver tailored support solutions by meeting customer requirements and minimizing cost. In support of this mission, Sikorsky offers the following programs:
Total Assurance Program (TAP)
The Total Assurance Program (TAP) serves as a maintenance insurance program policy covering the cost of parts replacement and repair on new Sikorsky Aircraft. The Value of the TAP program is to provide the operator with a "known" and "guaranteed" cost.
Power Assurance Program (PAP)
The Power Assurance Program (PAP) assists aircraft owners and operators in managing operating costs. It is a program in which an S76 or S61 Operator pays a fixed fee for the replacement of powertrain components over an extended period of time.
Loaner Blade Program
Sikorsky loaner blades are available through Sikorsky’s asset management program for any S-76® helicopter customer. This program enables customers to reduce their own blade inventory, minimize downtime and assure that all blade repairs are done by the OEM.
Component Exchange Program
Sikorsky has a spares exchange program for selected components that allows the customer to trade in failed components for fully operational and warranted replacement components. The spares exchange program provides the customer with a known price and turn-around time for selected airframe repairable components. This allows customers to achieve a higher degree of aircraft availability at lower inventory and cost.