Sikorsky's E-Solutions provide our customers and suppliers immediate online e-service and e-support 24 hours a day. Our comprehensive E-Solutions suite consists of the Customer Portal and the Sikorsky Business to Business interface.
Customer Portal
The Customer Portal is a fully-featured web site that provides customers with 24 hour a day, real time access to all of their data. A Customer Portal user can submit orders, quotes and claims, check the status of orders, quotes, claims, shipments and invoices and run customized reports.

Click Here for a video demonstration of how to sign on to the portal and create an order.
Sikorsky Business to Business Interface
The Sikorsky Business to Business Solution interface is a comprehensive set of web-based data services that enable customers to seamlessly integrate with Sikorsky. From checking stock levels and submitting quotes and orders, to retrieving delivery times, shipment tracking information, pricing and real time access to documents and images, Sikorsky’s customers are able to process their work requirements from within their own systems. Based on industry standard internet technologies, the Business to Business services provide a direct means of increasing productivity and reliability.
Engineering Knowledge Base and Inquiry Tracking
Sikorsky supports a knowledge base that encompasses over 30,000 field reports allowing Field Support Representatives worldwide to share critical information with our dedicated customer service engineers.

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